A lightweight, easy to use plugin for WordPress to schedule people, equipment and other resources.

Get your resource booking under control with a fast, simple WordPress plugin solution.

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Fast & Flexible Scheduling

Add, edit, move and delete bookings in seconds. Any duration you need: add bookings that stretch from 5 minutes to weeks. Any type of resources - people, meeting rooms, equipment. Assign multiple resources to one booking.

Visual Calendar

The schedule view gives you a clear picture of who is working on what. At a glance, you can see who's free and when.

No Conflicts

Clashes are alerted and can be automatically prevented.


Monitor utilization for all your resources at a glance or focus on specific individuals. Set custom date ranges.

Latest update: Version 1.0.2

Coming Soon

Resource Categories

Organize your pool of resources in categories - employees, meeting rooms, equipment, phone lines.


Set individual availabilities, personal time off and annual holidays. Part-time availability: have a resource that's not available on Wednesday afternoons - no problem.


Add your comments about your bookings for more details.


Add recurring bookings with a variety of repeat options.

Resourcexec with professional resource scheduling features provides a cost-effective, accurate and reliable online WordPress solution for companies of all shapes and sizes such as marketing, advertising and digital agencies, design consultancies, movie & tv production companies, engineering consultancies, software companies, dog grooming services.

It is a viable alternative to online employee management services because this WordPress plugin requires no monthly fees. Unlike other staff planning tools that are hosted somewhere, we provide a solid resource management system installed on your own WordPress powered website. No need or reason to put your staff, resources and rota data on somebody else's server.