First Configuration

When you first go to your ResourcExec in your WordPress admin panel, you will be asked which users of your WordPress site will be able to access ResourcExec. Simply choose WordPress roles which will be allowed to.

You will be able to change this configuration later, simply go to ResourcExec > Settings > WordPress Role Mapping

Add Resource

To start managing your resources with our application, you will naturally need to add them to the system. To add a new resource, simply click Resources on the main navigation menu, then click Add New Resource.

You will be able to specify the resource name and description.

Delete Resource

Resources can be permanently deleted from your system. It will also erase their bookings and historical data so please be cautious.

To delete a resource, click Resources on the main navigation menu, then chose the one you wish to delete, and click the Delete button.

Please note that the delete operation can not be undone! You will also lose all bookings made for this resource and all its historical data.

Add Booking

You can manage your bookings through either Agenda or Calendar views. Let's start with the Agenda option. Go to the Agenda menu, then click Add New Booking.

In the new booking form you can choose your new booking duration. You can choose from minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. For the minutes and hours options you can select the start time for the booking, for other options (days and longer) it's supposed that the booking will occupy the whole day.

Click the New Booking button. Your booking will be created and you will be asked to assign resources to it. Available resources will be marked green in that form, simply check the ones you wish to assign to, then click Save.

After that your new booking will appear in the Agenda and Calendar views.

If you later try to add another appointment that overlaps with existing ones you will see an alert in the resource assignment form.

Clicking on the red marked resource will display more details of the conflict.

Add Booking From Calendar

To create a new booking from the calendar view, simply click the plus sign in one of the calendar cells. The date and the resource will be automatically assigned for this new booking.


To access your available reports, simply click the Reports menu item.

Resource Utilization

With this report you can review how your resources are being used.


To see the list of WordPress users who can access ResourcExec, please go to ResourcExec > Users.

To add more users to ResourcExec, you can either create a new WordPress user of one of the WordPress roles that are already configured to be allowed into ResourcExec, or change your current WordPress role mapping to allow more WordPress roles to access ResourcExec.